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Having a dog: what we won't tell you about

Having a dog is so much happiness, without a doubt. But before experiencing countless adventures and good times, first few weeks or even months might be difficult. It is important to be aware and to inform yourself before commiting. This little being who arrives in your life is like a real child, he will ask you a lot of attention. Until my husband and I embarked on this adventure, we had literraly no idea what we were really getting into. There are lots of things that were hidden, and that poeple or blogs won't tell you about. Here is a little top of the hugly thruth or hidden vices to know, before joining this life changing chapter of your life!

Theory vs Reality of dog trainers

The few weeks and months prior adopting Raymond, I inquired on all topics,to learn as much as possible on dogs to feel ready and do things correclty. I read several books, watched plenty of educational videos, and listened to many podcasts until I felta an expert on all matters, gaving me high confidence. When I was listenning to dog trainers it always sounded very simple and easy. One problem = one solution. In theory yes, but in practice not always. It takes more than two or three tips or good advice. It takes time, you wil need good behavior, good environment, and also a little luck.

Dog trainers are great advice, don't get me wrong I'm not saying the opposite, but the practice is very different, and we don't warned people enough that everything, absolutely everything that you are going to teach them is going to take time. All these tips and tricks will have to be repeated dozens of times before it works, so get ready!

I have come to regret my choice

Staying at home all day during winter, staying under the bed sheets until 11am on Sunday, having a drink with girlfriends directly after work, or go for a run on your lunch break ... FORGET ABOUT IT, IT'S OVER !!

Sometimes it's hard to deal with everything in one day and it can be demoralizing. for example, you are lazy to go for a walk in the dark and cold after a difficult day at work. There will be times when you don't feel like taking care of your dog, when you want to be just calm and by yoursel, you could almost regret your choice. But that doesn't last long. Lazy to go for a walk, yes, but to see him so happy to run outside and play in the grass, you will forget everything. You will even start to appreciate this little break in the cool during the day at one point. It is like sport, you are always lazy to go for a session, but once it is done you ALWAYS feel good and you never regret. Having a dog is the same. It is the best anti anxiety or anti depressant that we can have.

However, expect some slack. A bad news, a big day at work, you come home late and then BAM home looks to messy with so much to clean! And your doggie is sicking to you, preventing you from cleaning and moving forward, and you are already late for your next appointment. Sometimes, you don't it much to feel overwhelmed. In these particular moments, counting on the support of your other half is the best cure to start again. If you are not in a relationship, ask a pet sitter or a friend for help to have little break.

I have never regretted my choice to welcome Raymond into our life, but I had moments of doubts and anxieties, I admet it. Overwhelmed by events, fatigue or the responsibility of having a dog, I asked myself questions like "will I get there" "will he obey one day" "am I condemned to clean up these pop in the house 10 times a day for the next ten years""will I be able to walk with him with the leash more than just 10 meters one day"... Fortunately with time and as he will grow, obey and become mature these feelings and fears will go away completely.

My neighbors are delighted

Flat or house, in both cases it can be tricky. Whether your neighbors are understanding or not, hearing a dog barking all day is not pleasant. Take good reflexes with your dog from the start, teach him to be alone from the very first day by leaving him 10 minutes alone in a room. Put yourself in your neighbors' shoes. You can notify them in advance that you are adopting. This will make the process easier and help maintain a good relationship.

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The importance and role of education