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Raymond's 14 essentials for puppies

What to think about before getting a puppy? In this article you will find all Raymond's favorite essentials we bought when he arrived into our home. Find inspiration to start with your puppy in this article which will give you an idea of the basics things to think about when welcoming a puppy. Among the different toys or housedogs we offered to Raymond, he naturally had preferences. I am happy to share with you a summary of essential and inexpensive articles to favor, or to simply renew certain things a little worn out.

His 2-in-1 housedog from #Kleps

This basket is GREAT for getting started with a puppy. The first days Raymond was always going into this doghouse not only for sleeping, this place was for him a place to feel safe and comfortable. Gradually we noticed he was prefering his others open baskets, so we fold it.


His donut bed from #Maxizoo

To take a nap, play or nibble, he is super keen of thos donut bed. Despite its low price, it is very resistant because it spends these days trying to shred it.

14,20 francs

His 2-in-1 toy from #Maxizoo

If you follow Raymond, you will have noticed for sure his little cow hidden in majority of his pictures. It is by far his favorite toy. It hydrid style with the squeazy cow and the chewing rope makes his favorite. Its size is also very well adapted to its jaw, and the whole thing is really very light. I highly recommend this type of 2-in-1 toy.

Around 5€

I cannot fin it online, but bought in the Maxizoo across the street.

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His ttravelling ransport bag from #HM

As soon as he sees it, he automatically jumps into it. Well protected from the cold, I always slip in a warm blanket and a few toys for more comfort. The small storage pocket on the side allows you to store essentials such as a few treats, a retractable bowl, tissues or a hydroalcoholic gel. There is also a small compartment to put the poop bags. The only downside is that the bag slips a bit on the shoulder.