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How to convince your lover to get a dog in 5 steps

You dream of having a dog since forever, and you don't know how to convince your other half? This article is made for you. Guaranteed result! I will explain you how I have persuaded my husband, an VERY not dog friendly person, to embark together in this adventure.

Step 1: Gradualy initiate the conversation casualy

It is a long-standing project

Having a dog cannot be decided the day before for the next day. Show him it is a long-held project and explain this desire does not come from nowhere. For me, as soon as I met my husband, I shared my affection for dogs and my desire to have one "someday". The "someday" is very important. Don't scare him, this is the best way to antagonize the person in front of you. The feeling of being forced upon something suddenly is not pleasant to anyone. To embark on the adventure is a project initiated by one person, yet to be built by two.

It is a thoughtful project

Show it is a well thought-out project, that behind it is not a passing whim but rather a real desire to make a long-term commitment. Having a dog can be a childhood dream, or a life goal. Share and communicate this true and deep wish. It might sound silly, but for me, just like having children or my own house one day, it was inconceivable for me to not have my dog ​​"someday". It will probably take a while for your lover to get it, and that's okay. The important thing is that he or she understands how important this project is to you.

Step 2: Be soft

Be patient

This step 2 is by far the most painful, as you don't have any control over it. It can last few months or few years, depending on how long the idea will take to emerge in your lover mind. It is going to be long, and you better have to accept it now. In my case, I had to wait 5 years for this "someday" to finally come, so don't give up now.

And understanding

The key to sweeten the pill is to put yourself in the shoes of your lover, who has clearly never ask to get a dog. Listen to him and accept his point of view. Put yourself in his shoes and be empathetic. For example, if you are not a cat person, it would have been hard for you to be willing to get a cat, but with time and discussion you would have accept it if you understood this was important to your partner.

Step 3: It is YOUR responsbility and not his/her

Reassure on workload

You are already imposing your half something he did not want, you are not going to ask him to take bow-wow for a walk 3 times a day and go to the vet every week. Be cool… Give him some time!

Get into your and his head that the project is yours, and reassure him on the workload and responsibility. No need to put pressure on him, he will naturally help and do his part once the puppy would be here. It's a very personal approach and involvement is unique to everyone. Don't blame him for not showing interest or wanting to be involved. That would only start an endless battle of "you never do anything", "I do everything", and "I didn't ask for anything", "c 'is your dog not mine "... In which both of you are right at the end!

Prove hom/her you can do it

Show him you are fully aware of all responsibilities. Reassure him about your past experience, if you had dogs in you childhood, or create your own if you don't have any background yet. Keep your aunt's dog for a few days or do pet-sitting for your neighbors. On the one hand it will prove with tangible facts you have concrete experience and are able to manage an animal on a daily basis, and on the other hand it will confirm your interest and give you confidence.

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Step 4: Make sure you have a stable and appropriate environment

Prepare yourself

As you are the one you have initiated this project, ask yourself the right questions to evaluate yourself before talking seriously about it with your partner:

- Am I ready to devote time for him?