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8 real tips for teaching doggie to be alone

Before teaching him his first name, to be clean or to seat, the most important thing for us was to teach him to be alone. Indeed, living in an apartment and working all day, our first challenge was to teach him solitude in a serene way.

Basic knowledge to have in mind

«Loneliness is learned as soon as it arrives at your home, in a progressive way»

From the very first day, don't be non-stop with him, it will only strengthen the attachment excessively. If he follows you everywhere or you have him constantly in his arms, as soon as you go away he will experience it like a real heartbreak, and your neighbors will be on the front row seat! You have to get him used to being alone gradually: leave for 5 minutes, then 20, then 1 hour.

Do not say hello or goodbye to him, he must not assimilate a particular pattern.

8 true advices to keep your dog busy while you are away

1. Physical exercice

The best advice I can give is to spend your dog before you go! Exercise will not only trigger endorphin - the hormone of happiness - but will also tire your pooch. Your absence will then allow him to rest fully and calmly, without any anxiety.

2.It's raining toys

Offer him a toy that he does not often have access to, or that he cannot have in "service book" this will increase the value and interest of this toy in his eyes. Do not hesitate to bring out an old toy or to offer it a new one (from time to time).

Occupation toys - i.e Kong type - are also a great option, and will become your best allies on a daily basis. There are many different kinds. You can also easily create your own. Excavation mats, candy dispensers… Don't hesitate to diversify them. In addition to occupying it, it will stimulate my intelligence and attention.

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3. A treasure hunt

Do not hesitate to hide treats or toys in your apartment or house. Nothing better than a good treasure hunt to keep him occupied, and in addition to work his awakening.

4. The reassuring blanket for the most anxious

Leave an item of clothing with your scent in its basket before leaving. He will appreciate this sweet scent that will reassure him during your absence.

5. Music to cool temper

Special dog sound backgrounds. For our part, Raymond is crazy about it! Very popular, these TV, radio and music shows for dogs are available everywhere online. It continuously diffuses pleasant and soothing sounds for our four-legged friends. Do not hesitate to leave the TV on, it will occupy it and bring a presence.

Be careful not to put too hard either so as not to stupefy him (and at the same time your neighbors!)

6. Yummy

For the most greedy (be careful not to abuse the good things) you can leave a bone to chew on. This will keep him busy for several minutes if not hours!