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Raymond and Charlotte

Both from Brittany, we are an inseparable duo of adorable stubborn.


We share our daily life to desacralize the adoption of a dog and spread benevolence.


When we welcomed Raymond, we quickly felt lost with our unanswered questions. ATseeing a dog is not always easy, then we have toheart  to accompany others as we would have liked to be in our research and moments of doubt.We wanted to bring everything together in ourblog daily advice, taboo subjects and honest feedback...


In short, we talk about everything but especially about what really matters. So plet's share to be better owners together!

Why contact us

Need advice

When we welcomed Raymond we would have liked to be able to turn to someone to ask all our questions. So if you need advice on a particular subject or just want to say hello, don't hesitate. We are very talkative and happy to tell you a little more.


Would you like us to test your products? Collaborate? Have us as ambassadors? We are open and attentive to all types of serious projects centered around Raymond. We will be happy to review your request and get back to us. 

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