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6 solutions to keep your dog entertained on the road

Long hours on the road as just as painful for your little guy as for you. Hereby are some tips to help you to keep him busy.

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« You don't have to fasten the seat belf for your dog during the trip. Yet, you attach yourself ? ».

First of all, it is important to share a little context and to recall the legislation in force. Indeed, French law only specifies that transporting a dog in a car must not constitute any danger for the driver at any time. Although there is no law that says tethering your dog in a car, it is better and safer to do so. No obligation to tie up your dog. Yet is this our first instinct as a human? It would be wise to do so same for your little friend as well.

During long journeys we use a seat designed for the car and for the dog. We add his blanket and toys for more comfort, and create a cozy atmosphere. A protective mat, as long as his is a puppy and not fully clean yet, for him to stay dry if leak happen. We do not usually tie him up, because being too small, it is not possible for him to get out of his basket.

Initiate the car progressively to him

To get your dog used to the many journeys he will make throughout his life, start as early as possible. Do short trips around the house, and gradually extend them by a few minutes.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have no choice. When we went to pick up Raymond, we had to drive 9 hours to bring him back home to Geneva. It is not the best, but spending his first night in our home was very important to us. Along with regular breaks and a moderate temperature in the car, here are some tips to make the trip a little less painful for your doggie:

A good walk before hitting the road

Exerting physical energy before hitting the road is the best way to deal with a long drive. Exercise will not only trigger endorphin - the hormone of happiness - but will also tire your doggie who can rest quietly in the car. Or at least the first few hours!

Sweets everywhere

During long trips, we usually snack a lot to keep ourselves busy. Why wouldn't do the same for your dog? A few treats here and there can occupy him for a few moments. A chew bone - which will make her teeth at the same time - will entertained him for a while.

The magic of stimulative toys

Leave your doggie in the back of the car with all his favorite toys, of course, it's easy! But being inventive is harder! Revisit Mickey's tail game for example. A soft toy, a rope that can be hung on the grab handle of your car, and voila! You can borrow the rotating suspension from the baby nursery. As long as you are a bit of a handyman and not be precious with your car. Pick up your old laser pointer you won at the last fun fair to grab his attention. Make him catch the small light by aiming the glass next to him. These are dynamic activities, which will keep him busy while remaining in his place

Music to cool temper

Use a doggie background sound. There are many of videos and playlist over Internet. These playlists will probably knock your head off after a few minutes but will definitely grab your attention!

Use this time to review some training exercises

You must vary trainings environments and timing to get efficiency quickly. Take the opportunity if you have a long trip to review "sit" or "lie" for instance. This will allow your dog to exercise in a certain way in the car and keep him attentive to you.


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When we welcomed Raymond, our first dog, we quickly felt alone and by our own. We wanted to create this blog to share our tips and help all dog lovers. 

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