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Raymond's Christmas list 2021

It's mid December, the snow is falling and the Christmas tree in the living room is ready. For his first Christmas, Raymond sees things in a big way and he has prepared his first list for Santa Claus, which you may discover below.

#Lemondedenicky toy storage bag The toys are seriously starting to pile up, and a suitable bag would be nice to store everything. The little extra, it can be personalized with your dog breed and name. Love it!

#Inokoo occupation toy I love their occupation toys, it's hard to choose! They are very well thought out for dogs and humans alike. Interactive for your pooch, and colorful and fun for the owners.

#MiaCara house dog 2-in-1 It is beautiful, discreet and in addition it can serve as a side table in the living room, it's perfect! We keep our fingers crossed that Santa Claus will be generous this year!

#DashshungCouture jacket This brand is awesome! We haven't had the chance to try it out yet but all of their models are super cool! If we had to choose only one (and it's difficult) it would be this little down jacket for the winter.