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Everything you need to know about occupation games for dogs

Boredom is inevitable. Just like us, our four-legged friends can get bored, and can cause a lot of problems. Occupation toys might be the solution for you to prevent destruction or anxiety issue. Why should we entertain your dog and which toys should we favor?

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Why should I entertain my dog?

« A busy dog, is a happy dog ».

Our furry friends need to be kept busy on a regular basis, inside and out your home.Why, and what are the benefits for your four-legged friend behind entertainment?

- Playing with your companion will keep him in a good physical and emotional shape. A busy dog ​​is a happy dog. Entertaining him help reducing stress and anxiety of loneliness.

- Entertaining him on a daily basis reduce or may even avoid behavioral problems. The most classic ones are repeated destruction, excessive barking, excessive demands for attention or poor management of loneliness.

- Distracting doggie may also prevent physical problems. The most common is unwanted licks. Nobody likes it! This type of behavior is called "surrogate activity" because it allows your pet to release his anxiety and boredom, and create a ritual to get your attention.

- Intellectually awakens the dog and can improve his dexterity.

- Games including treats encourage a slower eating habit, especially for fast eaters. This "anti-gluttonous" effect distract him for a longer period of time, and also provide him a better transit, and thus a better health condition.

First of all, teach him to be alone

As we have seen, entertaining your dog has many benefits. But be careful not to skip any step. Do not go to work and leave him alone all day in your flat on his day two. Whether it is with or without occupation toys, that would be a big and risky mistake to make. You can't teach someone to swim by throwing in him the middle of the ocean without any buoy!

Before leaving your dog alone for several hours, the first step is to teach him to be alone. As anything to be learned, it should be done smoothly and gradually for quicker and better results. Knowing how to be alone cannot be improvised, and it is necessary to do it serenely by steps, to establish good habits from the very start.

>> For more information, see my article to teach him loneliness "8 real tips to teach doggie to be alone"

Best Of occupation tous for dogs

Pet toys market is flooded with innovative brands and ideas. There is a wide range of occupation games, so beware of scams and bad initiatives. Before reading my selection, pay attention to the quality of the toys and be consistent with your dog's profile:

  • Please pay attention to quality and safety of games and brands. Look at the components list and prefer non-toxic materials. Some toys should only be used only while you are around. Pay extra attention to small loose parts which could be swallow or hurt you dog. Toys should be inspected regularly to make sure they are not damaged. In case of damage, discard it systematically and automatically.

  • Purchase toy according to the profile of your dog: his age, breed or size. For a puppy, older or small dog, prefer smaller sizes and softer materials. For a big dog with a strong jaw, prefer larger and more robust toys.

Hereby, a non-exhaustive selection of the best occupation toys: