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THE article for Dachshund fashion addict

Like any dachshund fan, my wardrobe necessarily includes a few nods to our favorite little sausage. Check-out my favorite dachshund brands.

- Harmont & Blaine : the Italian chic well implemented

Founded in Naples in 1995 by 4 brothers - Domenico and Enzo Menniti, Paolo and Massimo Montefusco - Harmont & Blaine first specialized in the manufacture of leather gloves before extending its range to clothing for women, men and children. Its casual style is distinguished by the iconic Dachshund Blaine.

I really like this brand for basics pieces: t-shirt, sweater, socks. Their collections are very colorful, with a assertive and original style.

- Kristina Giacomelli : the German brand to keep on eye on

Launched in 2018 in Munich, this German label is experiencing meteoric growth. As a bonus, all products come from eco-responsible production and recycled materials.

I am a huge fan of this brand! I wish they could release new models more often.

- Bean Goods : the American quirky

Founded in Portland in 2011 and relocated to LA in 2016, Bean Goods offers clothing and accessories for humans and dogs, with a fun and playful style.

In addition, the brand works in collaboration with organizations to improve the life of dogs suffering from paralysis.

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