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Which transport to chose for travelling with your dog?

It's almost Christmas eve, and you have decided to go back home for a few days. Easy ! What's new this year ? You are planning to take your doggie with you. Which transport to favor rather than another? And how does it work ? Here are all Raymond's tips:

How to choose between car plane and train

Before planning your vacation, it is necessary to define your mode of transportation with your dog. Car or carpooling, train, plane, bus, pedal boat, ferry, space rocket ... Let's make a point of all advantages and disadvantages of each possibility, in order to choose the one that suits you best.

In addition to this non-exhaustive list, you will of course have to take into account external factors such as your lifestyle or possible means of transport. We won't consider the car if we do not have a license, for example!

Car: traveling in complete freedom


- Autonomy in your journey.

When travelling with you dog, the car is the most common and convenient form of transport, especially for short trips. It does not impose any extra-time or constraints. You leave, arrive and stop whenever you want. To travel freely, this is the ideal solution.

- More freedom for your dog.

Your dog will be able to choose his spot according to his preferences and habits. You can either put him in a transport cage (in the backseat or in the trunk), safety harness, or transport basket. Remember to have the appropriate equipment. Whether it's in the trunk, in the backseat, or in the front next to you, you won't need the same gear.

In addition, your pooch can bark or grumble, more freely, since he will only disturb you.

- Last minute possibility

With the car, you can decide at the last minute. Ideal for unforeseen events. If you can not take your own car, know that traveling with your dog by carpooling. Carpooling with dog is now possible! Blablacar / Co-voiturage application have added a feature specifing if travelers accept dogs.


- Duration of the journey is not retractable.

For long distance, the journey can be very long for your companion, especially since it will be necessary to multiply the time of breaks.

- Some dogs do not support the car well and may be sick or anxious.

Just like us, some dogs do not cope with car journeys. Gather all conditions to reassure your companion as much as possible. You can see your vet who can prescribe medication. Prepare a pleasant environment for him (toy, basket, blanket with your scent). And adjust your driving! Avoid a sporty driving style!

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Plane: go faster and further


- The speed.

We are not going to lie to each other, if it is a question of crossing a country, the plane remains the fastest and most practical solution.


- Can be a source of anx