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How to choose your puppy's first collar

An article I would have dreamed of reading when I looked to buy Raymond's first necklace. Now it doest exist! Here are all of Raymond's tips for choosing the right first necklace. Size, material, where to buy, we tell you everything here.

The moment finally came, your puppy is finally here! Among all the necessary materials, there is one in particular that requires a time to choose it: the necklace. Why ? Quite simply because it's the first object your puppy will encounter, and that will stay with him for a while. It is also his "identity card" since it his medal includes his name and your contact details. This collar allow you to create a first bond with your puppy, but also to walk him outside. So how do you choose the right one?

- The size

Before talking fashion and look, the first point to take into account when choosing the necklace is the size. Regardless of race or age, he needs a collar that fits him, neither too big that he could lose, nor too small that could hurt him. There are two ways to assess the size of the necklace: either it's easy and we have the animal's measurements, or we don't have them, and no worries there are plenty of alternatives.

If you have the measures

If you can take the animal's measurements or ask the breeder, it's easy for you to choose:

  • Measure your pet's neck loosely (so that 2 fingers can pass through). Subtract 5 cm to have the minimum length, and add 5 cm to obtain the maximum length.

For example: if your dog's neck measurement is 40 cm, he will need a collar between 35 - 45 cm.

If you don't have the measures

Comme ce fût notre cas, nous n'avions pas les dimensions de Raymond. Nous avons dû faire sans.

référer sur internet. Pour estimez son tour de coup j'ai consulté plusieurs sites, et je vous propose le récapitulatif ci-dessous.

Perhaps, you don't have the measures, so as was our case before we got Raymond. Theregore, we had to do without. To estimate his collar size turn, I have consulted several sites to make a accurate average. Hereby, a summary below.

It's a good idea to check online to get a rough idea of your pet's measures. Be careful to take these figures with a grain of salt, because there are sometimes significant differences depending on the sizes (kaninchen, mini, standard for example for a dachshund), sites, but also the growth curve of your animal. In fact, dogs from the same breed can have different sizes and growth rates.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your breeder, a veterinarian or a pet store salesperson.

- The material

Choose the material according to the desired use of the collar. If it is for constant use, it is necessary to favor resistant but soft materials. If it is to remove it after each outing, you can opt for flexible materials. At first, it is often recommended to use a nylon collar, because it is easily adjustable and not expensive. Be careful to watch your puppy, because their small teeth could come to the end of the collar by dint of chewing.

- Few tips to keep in mind

  • Evaluate his neck size at the time of adoption. No need to measure it 1 month before since he will grow.

  • Choose a wide collar so that the puppy does not get strangled when pulling on the leash.

  • Favor an adjustable collar. This will give you a error margin when you buy it, and your puppy can grow up with it, until you buy an adult collar in a few months. This will prevent you from changing your collar every month. Indeed, keep in mind that some breeds have rapid growth curves. The puppy can then gain weight every week.

  • Prepare your self to change the neckless regularly as your puppy grows.

  • For small dogs especially, opt for a cat collar. That's what we did. They are smaller but also more flexible. They are softer on your pet, and get used more easily to wear a collar.

  • Go for a cheap model, especially in supermarkets. You will have time to buy him a more fancy and durable necklace once he is adult.

  • Add your phone number. If your puppy get lost, people can easily contact you. It's not very glamorous to put such number below is name on the medal, but now there are very discreet techniques, such as the back of the medal or collar, or on a paper hidden in a small bell hanging to the collar.

  • Fashion wise, if you have the budget you can take a pack to have all the matching paraphernalia (collar, harness, leash).

- Where to buy

Now that you've targeted the type of necklace you need, it's time to take action - and check out. There are plenty of places to find the one, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Specialized store or pet store

  • Specialized site or brand in particular

  • Marketplace like Amazon

  • Etsy to make small businesses work around you

- How to get your puppy used to wear a collar

The collar is just like education in general, start from the very first day when your puppy arrived. Don't wait until your dog is an adult. The puppy needs to get used to wearing a collar from an early age, and the transition will be even easier. Expect your pooch to not like this new gadget too much the first time you use it. Gently get him used to wearing it longer and more often over time. At the beginning a few minutes are enough. Don't be worried when you see your puppy scratching, rubbing, or trying to catch it. If it seems to be too hard for him, take it off and try again later in the day.

To make him forgetting about this object of torture, offer him a game session or a treat to capture his attention on something else nicer. He will then associate this necklace with something pleasant.

- To ban absolutely

To avoid for our little friends:

  • The choke collar (forbidden for all dogs, it is far too barbaric!)

  • The thick leather necklaces, still too heavy for the little ones.

- What about Raymond ?

We have selected a cat collar, recommended by our breeder. The collar was perfectly in his size, light and in a non-aggressive material. The fit was perfect because without a hole, you can adjust it completely to your liking. We found it at #Maxizoo, in a warm and festive color, for less than 10 francs.

He wore it from day one (few minutes at the begining some times to times), and he adopted it very easily due to the lightness and softness.

See some pictures below for easy reference:

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