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How do I find a dog-friendly hotel?

Finding a hotel where your dog is accepted while respecting your criteria is not an easy task. On the other hand, if you look in the right place, and you are well armed, it can be very easy. We offer you a dedicated article with our 6 favorite allies to find the hotel you need.

o Emmène ton chien, the collaborative specialist of all kinds

Site: dog-pets-holiday

Geography: France

Addition of hotel: Collaborative, open to all

Particularity: Lists a very wide choice of services, for all budgets

Who is Emmène ton chien

Emmène ton chien is the #1 site for vacations with its dog. This French company based in Montpellier is committed to bringing together all the hotels, restaurants, places, activities that you can do with your dog in France. Their goal is to democratize and popularize holidays with your dog to fight against abandonment. You will be spoiled for choice to organize your vacation.

Their notation

Their site lists all accommodations and dog-friendly places through the first dog-friendly label: QUALIDOG. With their certified partners, you are sure to be well received with your dog. The recommendations are collaborative, everyone can add a place, which makes it possible to list a maximum of addresses. The principle is really great because they reference all types of establishments, For example to sleep you can filter by hotel, bed and breakfast, campsite... It is extremely complete and each place or activity is detailed via its technical sheet. .

To differentiate the establishments, Emmène Ton Chien classifies them between 1 to 4 truffles according to the level of reception of the dog at home:

  • 1 truffle: Dogs are welcome but no specific service or arrangement has been put in place for their stay on site.

  • 2 truffles: The host offers basic services such as poo bags and a list of activities to do with your dog around the accommodation.

  • 3 truffles: The host offers more advanced services such as a stuffed animal bar or a shower to rinse the dog after his outdoor outings, he can also offer a carpet in the room.

  • 4 truffles: The accommodation has a terrace or an enclosed outdoor space for the dog, a bedroom with direct access to the outside, dedicated services for dogs on place etc... Some even go so far as to involve professionals (educator, groomer, animator) if necessary.


o Tourisme avec mon chien, the most complete of the bunch

Site: https://

Geography: Europe

Addition of hotel: Controlled by the site

Particularity: ultra-complete, lists literally any type of service

Who is Tourist with my dog

Tourisme avec mon chien aims to < span style="color: #4d5156;">help prepare for your trip with your dog, by indicating the places where our four-legged friends are allowed. Tourism with my dog finds all types of accommodation, places, restaurants, activities for all budgets. You'll find hundreds of ideas for activities to do with your dog! Don't leave without knowing if your dog will be accepted.

The portfolio of services for Tourism with my Dog is really comprehensive, we can't add much! Ideas for walks, stay or destination , but also local canine services (qualified and declared petsitters, veterinarians). They also have a complete and free travel guide, just here.


o Rhonda's Choice, the luxury in Europe


Geography: Europe

Hotel addition: Collaborative but restrictive

Particularity: For luxury lovers

Who is Rhonda's choice

Rhonda's Choice defines itself as a lifestyle travel club that meticulously selects hotels with unique characters where you can stay with your dog. They stay discreetly in order to choose whether they will add an establishment to their portfolio. For Rhonda's choice, luxury is not just about a beautiful establishment, but also a place that welcomes and offers activities with your dog. Because the real luxury for owners is to be able to experience everything with their dog. To help you with your organization, Rhonda's choice also offers articles to help you organize your stay or trip just here.

Their notation

They undertake to make ethical recommendations. That is to say that they pay their stay in full, do not take commission, and the central element of their recommendation remains based on the possibility of doing as many activities as possible with their dog in and around the establishment. .

Hotels are rated on a scale of 3 Rhondas:

  • A Rhonda: The place is adequate for 1 to 2 nights with a dog. Recommended for a stopover.

  • Two Rhondas: The property is perfect for spending up to 5 nights with your dog. The place is worth visiting for a weekend or several days to fully enjoy.

  • Three Rhondas: The hotel is excellent for a long stay. Dogs are welcome just like any other guest.

Example of hotel we tried with them


o Booking, the international globe trotter

Site: https://

Geography: Europe

Addition of hotel: Controlled by the site

Particularity: ultra-complete, lists literally any type of service

Who is Booking

No need to introduce yourself this leader in holiday booking. Thanks to its "dog allowed" filter, Booking makes it very easy for you to target a hotel that meets all your criteria. When traveling internationally, this is really the best plan because it has a great geographical coverage. Thanks to this collaborative platform you can read lots of opinions and see real photos to form an opinion.

Their notation

No need to dwell on the Booking ratings that you probably know very well. Among the most useful are the number of stars (from 1 to 5) or the customer rating (from 0 to 10).

Example of hotel we tried with them


Paid guides for traveling

Other independent organizations or influencers offer detailed guides to accompany you on your trip (checklist, advice, point of attention...) and make suggestions for establishments or routes. They are quite numerous, so I will recommend only two. I love following their adventures, they are all good advice. If their advice is free and open to all, their guides are on the other hand paying. If you are new and unorganized, this can be a good idea for your first adventure to reassure you. Otherwise, I don't see the point of paying for something you can find for free. But that's just me.


Travel With your Pets is an application that brings together all the places of activity and establishments that welcome your dog. It was created by a couple in love with travel and their Reunionese dog Floki. They left in their van to go around the world, and we wanted to put their knowledge to use and share their experiences with everyone. The application is collaborative, everyone is welcome to add their favorite addresses.

They also have great podcasts of owners telling their stories. We are always fond of owners who tell their experiences.

A 60-page e-book in French with 30 country profiles at €14.90.

This one I had access to in presale before its launch, it is very well done and summarized.

The Traveltellers

The traveltellers are a German couple, who travels around the world with their dog Félix. We love to follow their adventures on Instagram. They have traveled a lot in many countries so they are good advice. They post regularly on Insta with their recommendations, and also have a vlog to detail their travels. They post beautiful photos that make you dream and brighten up the day.

In particular, they offer an e-book in English for €19.90. I didn't buy it so I can't tell you more.


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