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Canine Astrology: what if everything was written in the stars?

Astrology is definitely a hot and controversed topic. Whether we believe it or not, one thing is certain we are always curious to read what is said about his astrological sign. What is astrology and by extension canine astrology? Can we refer to it to choose a dog?

What is astrology

Astrology is a set of beliefs organized to obtain information about terrestrial phenomena from observable celestial phenomena. The word astrology comes from the Greek? Στρον, Astro (which means star) and λ? Γος. Logos (which means speech). Etymologically, astrology is therefore a "discourse on the stars", focusing on the sun and the planets of the solar system. Astrology is outside the rational or scientific realm, so it's up to you to believe it. Nowadays, its most popular use is characterized mainly by an interpretation system called a horoscope.

Take a step back...

Historically, astrology dates back to the 2nd millennium BC. Its origin lies in attempts to predict seasonal changes linked to interpretations of celestial cycles, considered to be signs of divine communication. Many cultures have used it to create an elaborate system for predicting earthly events from celestial observations, such as the Chinese, Hindus or Mayans. It then spread around the globe to become a learned and common tradition in academia, closely related to astronomy, alchemy, meteorology and sometimes medicine. She also had a strong influence in political and literary circles, and is mentioned in many literary works such as Shakespeare. It was not until the end of the 19th century, with the adoption of the scientific method, that astrology was contested and criticized.

What about dogs?

Human and animal astrology are quite similar since they allow to determine a character. Canine astrology is designed to make you perceive the personality and anticipate the behavior of your companion thanks to his astrological sign. Handy, isn't it? Indeed, knowing your dog's personality is an undeniable asset to ensure his balance and development. For the rest, you just have to love it and educate it.

What can we found in canine astrology?

As for us, the astrological sign of your dog will reveal to you the different facets of his personality according to his date of birth. Here is a summary of what can be found on the Internet:

Can we refer to the stars to choose our dog?

To choose the dog breed that suits you the best, you must first of all refer to your lifestyle and personality. We can find inspiration in your or/and his astrological sign, to match starry-speaking. Keep in mind that the different elements discussed in astrology are of course to be interpreted according to the breed. The tenacity of a dachshund will not have the same effects as on a Labrador for example.

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