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12 irrefutable arguments and proofs to convince your lover to get a dog

Have you been rowing for months or even years to convince your half to get a dog? Here are scientifically or statistically proven arguments that he or she will not be able to refute. Your sweetheart will probably send you pastor, but these arguments will not fall on deaf ears.

Here are 12 arguments to use when talking about dog with your loved one:

1. Dog avoids loneliness feeling

According to an Ipsos survey, 50% of dog owners from all ages say they feel less lonely. If it leans over older people, who are more prone to loneliness, researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that older people with dogs are 36% less likely to experience loneliness. A dog is a positive presence in the home that brings comfort. Your furball is always happy to find you and will increase your self-esteem.

2. Dog reduces stress, anxiety and depression

A dog instantly calms and de-distresses, it's scientifically proven. Scientific studies are multiplying on the subject and are all agreed: having a dog has an anti-stress effect. The presence of a dog is calming, and as soon as there is an interaction such as a caress or a hug, the benefits are multiplied:

  • According to an Ipsos survey, more than 60% of dog owners say their pooch increases their well-being and calms their anxiety.

  • A 2005 study found a reduction in the level of cortisol - a stress hormone - from the first five minutes of interaction with a dog.

  • Another 2007 meta-study states that activities with animals are correlated with a reduction in depressive symptoms.

3. Dog promotes activity and physical well-being

According to the University of Liverpool, dog owners walk three times more than others, meaning twice more that the minimum moderate activity recommended by health authorities. Going out more often encourage sport practice in general, since it has been shown that people with a dog practice more sport (i.e. cycling, running, fitness) than others, even without their animal. Physical activity is essential to maintain a good balance in life, contributing to a better health which can increase life expectancy. This is precisely our next argument!

4. Dog extends life expectancy

According to a 2007 Swedish study following 3.4 million people, having a dog reduced cardiovascular disease by 23%, and the risk of death by 20%. Dog also reduce by far stress and loneliness, factors favoring these pathologies.

Your companion will even make you rejuvenate. A 2014 study from the University of Rochester found that older people with dogs have a level of physical activity equivalent to someone 10 years younger. With people having degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, dog reduce cognitive decline.

5. Dog detects diseases

Thanks to their highly developed sense of smell, dogs are able to detect bombs, drugs, but also diseases such as cancer. Tumors emit specific chemicals that the dog can identify, such as